TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip

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• DURATION: 2-3 hours
• DISTANCE: 7 km (to and fro)

The TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip is a beautiful trip on the Adriatic side of Salento, suitable for those who have never gone kayaking.
Included in the price is the SEA KAYAK COURSE FOR BEGINNERS guided by a 2nd level sea kayak instructor of the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation.

On the way we will show you hidden caves and ravines, all to be explored! After putting on the life jackets and entering our kayaks, we will be ready to sail south along the splendid coast of Roca. We will visit the famous Cave of Poetry , the most famous place on this stretch of coast. It is one of the most beautiful 10 natural pools in the world . The Cave of Poetry is a natural cavity without a roof and is connected to the sea through a canal that can also be passed through by swimming. At this point you can go back or land on Torre dell’Orso beach, a strip of land 800 meters long and bordered on both sides by high cliffs, renowned for its silver-colored sand and crystal clear waters. Once back in our kayaks we will pass under the two famous stacks of the Torre dell’Orso bay, called The Two Sisters. Finally, the return to the base will follow.


At Roca Vecchia beach. (Google Maps link)

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TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip
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