TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip (long)

The TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip is a beautiful trip on the Adriatic side of Salento, suitable for those who have already gone kayaking and are able to paddle for 18km. The minimum number of people is 4.
The shorter version (9km) of this trip is available here.

Description of Torre dell’Orso kayak trip

On the way we will show you hidden caves and ravines, all to be explored! After putting on the life jackets and entering our kayaks, we will be ready to sail south along the splendid coast of Roca. We will visit the famous Cave of Poetry , the most famous place on this stretch of coast. It is one of the most beautiful 10 natural pools in the world . The Cave of Poetry is a natural cavity without a roof and is connected to the sea through a canal that can also be passed through by swimming. We will then stop at the Torre dell’Orso beach, a strip of land 800 meters long and bordered on both sides by high cliffs, renowned for its silver-colored sand and crystal clear waters. Once back in our kayaks we will pass under the two famous stacks of the Torre dell’Orso bay, called The Two Sisters. Continuing we will visit a beautiful stretch of jagged coast dominated by the presence of the beautiful S. Andrea Stacks. Finally, we will land on the beach of San Giorgio where we will stop to rest and have a sack meal. Finally, the return to the base.


At Roca Vecchia beach. (Google Maps link)

Starting time


Torre dell’Orso is a marina of Melendugno (LE). It has a beautiful, very extensive and crescent-shaped beach between two cliffs. Offshore you can admire the two famous white stacks, the Two Sisters . Despite the extension, the beach is always crowded with people in summer. A great way to visit it is to get to Torre dell’Orso by kayak, directly from the sea.


It is a circular shaped cave which can be accessed from the sea via a narrow tunnel. It lacks the vault and therefore you can also access it from the ground with a dip from a few meters in height. The Cave of Poetry is actually made up of two distinct caves: Big Cave of Poetry and Small Cave of Poetry. They form a complex of underground caves near a source of fresh water.


On the south side of the bay, while going away with the kayaks from Torre dell’Orso, you pass under two spectacular sea stacks. They are two very similar rocks, so much so that the locals call them the “two sisters”. On their origin, a legend is told that these two stacks were born from the homage made by the Gods to two sisters, drowned in this stretch of sea. To convince the Gods to perform such an act there was the courage, alas vain, of one of the two sisters in trying to save the other.


Coming by kayak from Torre dell’Orso, a beautiful coast opens up to your gaze, an uncontaminated landscape, to be discovered, with its hidden caves. The maximum expression of such beauty is represented by the imposing rocks that emerge from the sea: the S. Andrea Stacks , which, in all their grandeur, emerge from a water that looks like a palette of pastel colors, often awarded with the “Blue Flag ” for its purity and clarity. The S. Andrea Stacks are a work of art of nature , they seem “guardians” who keep company with the nearby lighthouse above this stretch of coast.
Of all the stacks, the most striking is the arch-shaped one: the “Degli Innamorati” Arc, going under it by kayak is a unique experience!

Day 1

Compreso nel prezzo

  • One or more english speaking guides during the trip
  • Introductory lesson
  • Kayaks, paddles, life jackets
  • Photo Shoot: photos will be send via whatsapp

Non compreso nel prezzo

  • Snack/meal
  • Bottled water

Recommended items

  • Sunscreen
  • Bottled water
  • Snack/meal

Recommended clothing

  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt preferably clear and in lycra fabric
  • Footwear suitable for use in water such as kayak or rubber shoes.
    Less recommended slippers or flip-flops
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with safety lanyard
  • Gloves for sailing, fitness or mountain biking

  • All participants will be provided with very stable and easy to handle polyethylene sea kayaks, both single and double.
  • For participation in the trip is required a good physical fitness.
  • Every child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult with whom he will share a double kayak (subject to availability).

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TORRE DELL’ORSO kayak trip (long)
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Trip Facts

  • 100€
  • 4
  • all day
  • 18 km (to and fro)
  • hard
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