Course for beginners

corsi di avviamento - Puglia and Salento by kayak!

The courses for beginners are born from the need to teach the fundamentals of sea kayaking to those who have never been in kayaks or to those who want to improve their skills to make them suitable for trips typical of sea excursions. To overcome the common fear of getting stuck in the kayak after a rollover it was thought of a course that taught the student the technique of kayaking without the use of the spray skirt. Facilitating in this way the initial approach of newcomers to this discipline and giving the opportunity to learn later, the techniques of conduction of sea kayak proper. The first part of the course takes place on the ground, with a small theoretical introduction and with a live demonstration of the fundamentals that will be repeated and perfected in water. Then follows the practical part in water, under the careful supervision of the instructor that will allow the student to correct and improve the following fundamental:

  • kayak posture
  • grip of the paddle
  • landing and launching from the beach
  • forward stroke
  • backward stroke
  • forward and backward sweep strokes
  • stop

Lastly, the assisted ascent on the kayak will be tested, simulating a roll over and effortlessly climbing on the kayak following the instructions given by the instructor in the water. The moment of leisure will follow, reaching S. Maria al Bagno Beach and taking a relaxing dive before returning to the base.


At the beach slide adjacent to the “La Lampara” nautical club (see page “Where we are”).
The meeting point before starting an excursion or a lesson is in front of the secretary of the “La Lampara” nautical club.

Starting time

10:00 in the morning or 16:30 in the afternoon

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Course for beginners
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Trip Facts

  • 50€
  • 2-3 hours
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