CASTRO kayak trip (long)

The CASTRO kayak trip is a beautiful trip on the Adriatic side of Salento, suitable for those who have already gone kayaking and are able to paddle for 15km. The minimum number of people is 4.
The shorter version (11km) of this trip is available here.

Description of Castro kayak trip

On the way we will show you hidden caves and ravines, all to be explored! After putting on the life jackets and entering our kayaks, we will be ready to sail north along the splendid Castro’s coast. Right here is the probably most suggestive cave of all: the Zinzulusa Cave .
On the rocky coast between Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme there are a number of other caves accessible only by sea. First of all, for its historical value, is the Romanelli Cave. But we will also see others with our kayaks: the Blue Cave , suggestive for the color of the water very intense in its only marine cavity, the Witches Cave, whose rocky shape seems to draw female hands with long nails and from which derives its name and the Aigor Cave .
Finally we will land on the beautiful  Porto Miggiano beach where we will stop for a swim and have a packed lunch. We will leave north to visit the coast and the Sulfurous Caves of Santa Cesarea Terme . Finally, the return to Castro will follow.


At the old port of Castro. (Google Maps link)

Starting time


Zinzulusa cave

It is a magnificent example of karst, able to impress and leave you speechless by the immense opening it has had since it appears to visitors. Its name derives from the large presence of huge stalactites, the “zinzuli” in the local dialect.

Romanelli cave

It is a cave of immense historical and anthropological value. He has returned priceless treasures such as examples of paleolithic art graffiti and tools made by Neanderthal.

Porto Miggiano

Porto Miggiano is a beach located near Santa Cesarea Terme. It has a crystal clear sea and is nestled between cliffs and rocky escarpments about twenty meters high overlooking the sea. Characteristic is the staircase of one hundred steps that lead down to the beach allowing you to enjoy truly enchanting views.

Sulfurous caves of Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme is well known for its thermal baths. There are four caves where springs of sulphurous mineral waters gush out. Each cave has its own name, and it is in order of the Fetida Cave, Sulfurea Cave, Gattulla Cave and Solfatara Cave.

Day 1

Compreso nel prezzo

  • One or more english speaking guides during the trip
  • Introductory lesson
  • Kayaks, paddles, life jackets
  • Photo Shoot: photos will be send via whatsapp

Non compreso nel prezzo

  • Snack/meal
  • Bottled water

Recommended items

  • Sunscreen
  • Bottled water
  • Snack/meal

Recommended clothing

  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt preferably clear and in lycra fabric
  • Footwear suitable for use in water such as kayak or rubber shoes.
    Less recommended slippers or flip-flops
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with safety lanyard
  • Gloves for sailing, fitness or mountain biking

  • All participants will be provided with very stable and easy to handle polyethylene sea kayaks, both single and double.
  • For participation in the trip is required a good physical fitness.
  • Every child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult with whom he will share a double kayak (subject to availability).

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CASTRO kayak trip (long)
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Trip Facts

  • 100€
  • 4
  • all day
  • 15km
  • hard
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