Our kayaks are all-new polyethylene yellow sea kayaks (production year 2018). They all have watertight ponds in the bow and stern for easy emptying of sea kayaks and for storing equipment or clothing in dry conditions (it is however advisable to store the most delicate items in dry bags). On the deck there are deck lines to keep contact with the kayak when you are in the water. Then there are adjustable footrests, padded seats and backrests for a comfortable seat. Specifically, the kayaks are:

Rainbow Oasis 4.25 Expedition

single kayak Rainbow Oasis 4.25 Expedition, suitable for medium-sized people.

Rainbow Oasis 4.30 Max Expedition

single kayak Rainbow Oasis 4.30 Max Expedition, suitable for big-sized people.

Rainbow Laser 5.15 Expedition

single kayak Rainbow Laser 5.15 Expedition, suitable for small-sized people.

Rainbow Atlantis Expedition

tandem kayak Rainbow Atlantis Expedition, suitable for small-sized people.

rainbow oasis twin expedition

tandem kayak Rainbow Oasis Twin Expedition, suitable for medium-sized people.


pagaia RTM Elegance FIBERGLASS

Our paddles are RTM Elegance Fiberglass with a glass fiber handle and nylon blades. Sturdy and light (1.2 kg), they are 220 cm long and come with eyelet ring.

Personal floating devices

yak blaze

The PFD that we provide are Yak Blaze, soft, comfortable and of any size.


hiko basic fitflex

Our sprayskirtss are made of nylon, Hiko Basic Fitflex model. They are perfectly adherent to the cockpit of our kayaks to ensure maximum grip in presence of rough seas.

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